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BMV 712 always shows 19 amps

I just installed a new BMW 712, it updated the firmware twice 2.XX something then to upgraded to 4.XX version so far so good. But it always shows about 19 Amps no - or + just 19 amps. So I started to look for the drain but there isn't any. I turned everything on and the amps never change. Volts do drop with the load but the amps are steady at 19 ish... So then I plugged in the charger ... guess what still says 19 amps. Being in the 5th wheel I just disconnect the - side and inserted in the shunt.

White bottom is going to the 5th wheel and Black is going to the negative side of the battery. On the battery there is nothing but the black cable.

I did connect both voltage red wires to the shunt but I haven't hooked up a second battery yet, doubt that matters

As I recall the charger was unplugged as well I never recall ever seeing a - sign for current.

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UPDATE: I was reading a few other posts and decided to unplug the UTP at the shunt. I already had unplugged the UTP from the BMV 712 as that location is way easier to unplug ... but ...... It worked Not sure why from the shunt made a difference but it did.

I'm going to speculate the firmware update might have caused an issue and or the UTP just wasn't seated correctly.

I now get - values when I unplug the charger "camper" and it goes + when I plug it back in.
The graphing chart is really cool by the way ... but for the 4 min I was outside looking at it Happy that I was getting values I can see myself obsessing on the voltage drop

FYI I'm now running Firmware 4.03 on BMV-712 Smart and V2.23 on BMV-7XX Smart Bluetooth Interface... In case anyone wants to know... AS I recall It started with version 2.0 but auto updated when I first connected.

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