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Best way to charge multiple Lithium batteries

I'm looking for the best way to charge 10 x Victron 12.8V/90Ah Smart Lithium batteries. The batteries will be used every day in 10 different mobile devices and then brought back in the evenings to be charged over night.

Should I go with 10 dedicated chargers and 10 miniBMS for each battery or use something like a Skylla IP44 with 3 outputs and charge the batteries in parallel (Output 1 x 3, Output 2 x 3, Output 3 x4), I could then use a VE.Bus BMS to shut the Skylla down in case of overvoltage, but then all 10 batteries would stop charging if there was a problem with only 1 of the batteries?

The miniBMS option might be a better option as the miniBMS could travel with the battery and a Cyrix Load relay to protect from under voltage during discharge each day.

Just looking for any ideas on the best way to go about this? Thanks for any thoughts or ideas.

Lithium Battery
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Am following this post. I used to deal with a similar situation where we had 15 Fork Lift, traction batteries that had to be charged over night. We used a separate charging station for each battery. But these were 48V/1,000AH Flooded Lead Acid batteries that weighed 3,300 lbs. each. Am curious about smaller Lithium batteries with a similar charging requirement.


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I'd use a mini-bms and a small charger built into every system, so you only have to connect to 110/230VAC.

connecting batteries at different SOC can be gnarly, the least problem is being the emptiest getting all the current in the beginning of recharging. biggest problem current flowing from battery (batteries) to other batteries.

connection batteries with different SOC to a single bms will / should cause an error due to imbalance.

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