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3KVA 12V multiplus generator charging issue.

Hi all,

I think this is more an issue with the generator inherited with our house than the multiplus but hoped somebody may have a some insight as to a possible cheaper fix than replacing the genset.

The geni is a french spec blue gensets (Pramac) rated to 2.45KVA @230V 50hz.

The Multiplus is uk spec.

When connected to the multiplus in charger mode only, mains on flashes for about 60 seconds then the charger turns off.

When in inverter mode I either get repeated attempts at what I'm guessing is a breaker closing at 1-2 minute intervals with no change to the leds or I sometimes get a quick change to solid lit 'mains on' and 'bulk charging' then after a couple of seconds back to Inverter mode. Neither puts any noticeable load on the gen.

On the odd occasion, through some unplugging and replugging and restarting of the set I have got the system to charge. The set handles the load fine and all is good but seems more luck than good judgment.

This lead me to think it was something to do with the quality of the power so I decided to plug in a small cordless hoover battery charger first, followed by the multiplus. This worked fine but only when the small load is charging, once the battery was full the multiplus again wouldn't accept the gen. I also tried a halogen lamp which allowed the multiplus to start charging but the load was too great for the gen once the multiplus was charging.

Any hints on what is causing the issues? Am I doomed to have to charge a small battery at the same time forever or does the small load work to clean the power for the larger load, and therefore I could fit a device between the set and the multiplus to do the same job?

I cannot afford a new gen at present and PV covers the bulk of our usage so it is there only as a backup.

Many thanks for any thoughts!

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Hi @Mikee.Brown

This issue isn't uncommon. It's documented here:

It sounds like you're not too far off 'acceptance', but follow through the offerings there. Hopefully you already have the kit to make the changes.

Good luck..

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That's a great help, thank you!

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