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How to implement external control on CCGX and apply own algorithm ?


I need to implement my own control loop in the CCGX and would like to know how to proceed. I need to control all the power setpoints (Grid, battery and PV). Unfortunaterly, in the excel sheet of CCGX registers, I only find a read/write in the Grid setpoint and the current limit of the charger/inverter. My questions are :

1- How to control the PV output of the MPPT if it is a DC coupled architecture, or the output of a PV inverter connected to the output of the multiplus, or connected in parallel to grid in the case of an AC coupled architecture ?

2- How to implement the script of the algorithm, is it simply by accessing the CCGX on the port 502 and running a python script ?

3- How to control the battery charging/discharging power setpoint and the decision to charge or discharge ?

Please let me know.

Multiplus-IIESSCCGX Color Controlcommunication protocol
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