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Settings lifepo4 campervan setup

hello everyone, I would need your advice.
it's about the expansion of a camper and have the following setup:

- Multiplus C 12v 1600

- Bucket Boost 50A

- MPPT 100/30

- Liontron 200Ah.

In order to save the battery, I would like to create 3 different charging curves
Maximum: 100% for bad weather / high power requirements

Normal: 10-90% battery condition for normal days / sunny weather.

Storage mode: ~ 50%

is there a possibility to change all 3 devices in parallel? With Solar, you can still use the app. Another idea would be to set the shore power / charge converter to 80-90% and only control the rest via the change in the MPPT.

And is there a way to deactivate the bucket boost manually using the toggle switch? if the vehicle is only used for driving and should not be charged.

would you connect the solar cells in series or in parallel?

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