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VE Bus Error 17

@mvader (Victron Energy)


We have been experiencing VE Bus Error 17, we have followed Victron's suggested advice such as updating all devices to the latest firmware, replacing all of the VE Bus cables including the one to the Venus GX, reloading all of the ESS assistants into each of the inverters etc. The system has not shut down with error 17 for around 4 days however this is not unusual and we are not confident that it is resolved until the problem has been pinpointed.

Please see the VE.Bus diagnostics below. We have 6 Multiplus II's in the system yet only 5 of them appear here. The VE Bus daisy chain runs through Phase L2, device 2 (4) (the missing one) to get to Phase L3, device 2 (5) proving the cables are ok all the way through to the last inverter. I have also exchanged this inverter (L2 device 2 (4)) with another one to see if the new inverter showed a counter, with no such luck.


1. What could be the reason that all 6 inverters in the system are not appearing in this list?

2. As Error 17 is related to the slaves in a system and will report this error when the communication with the phase-master has timed out, could this missing slave be related to the error 17 shut downs we are experiencing?

We have been battling this error on our own for around a month and would now appreciate some advice and some help to overcome the problem to reassure our customer that the system can operate as intended.


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