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Will Orion Tr Smart DC-DC charger have a Storage step?

Hi all,

I am stuck at home due to lockdown in Italy. I am waiting to get to my boat in order to finish my new battery system as depicted in the schema attached.

The center of the electrical system is the new Orion-Tr Smart 12/30 dc-dc charger, I have built at home a battery system as close as possible to the one I have on my boat in order to test the Orion behavior using 2 batteries (engine and house) and a Smart Charger ip67. I have an ip43 on board but for my purpose is the same.

The ip67 is a 5 step charger when the Orion has 3 steps only.

When the ip67 reaches the Storage state the engine battery drops to 13.2 Volt, but the Orion remains in Float trying to keep the house battery at 13.8 volt draining power for the engine battery. The engine battery voltage drops slowly to 13.1 V and every 10 seconds I hear a click from the Orion and the ip67 for 5 or 6 seconds pumps about 0.7 A in to the engine battery and then drops to 0A when the voltage is 13.2V again. This behavior is repeated endlessly. I could use a higher voltage to trigger the Orion, say 13.5 V, but the house battery could be left uncharged indefinitely.

Do you plan to add the Storage step to the Orion? This will override the problem, I think.

Thank you very much.


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How often do you run an engine long enough for storage phase to be an issue? I can see it in a large boat scenario where the engines never really shut down, but do you regularly run it all day & night?

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It happens if you leave your boat connected to an AC source.

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Yes, but AC source is often plugged in for days on end if not rather permanently. Not that common to see engines running day and night.

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