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New Victron 12/15 Bluetooth battery charger not recognised by iPad or MacBook pro

I have just received a brand new Victron 12/15 Bluetooth battery charger.

I downloaded the iPad app, switched on the Victron and tried to pair USB via he VictronApp.

The device could not be found. I tried turning off the Victron and starting from scratch - no luck

I tried re-setting the Victron holding the mode button for 10 seconds - no luck.

i tried my MacBook pro with the Victron app - same result.

in absolute desperation I tried my crappy Samsung Note 2 - to see if bluetooth was Working on the Victron using Samsung device settings. The Victron device was instantly recognised and I paired using 000000.

I am yet to download the Androi App to do a proper install.......I understand pairing has to be done via the App.

But why doesn’t the a Mac work?

Blue Smart Charger
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i restarted the iPad and launched the App For the Victron 12/15 charger

Device immediately recognised!

Now working fine........

This is the first time I have had to reboot the iPad to get a Bluetooth connection to work.

All good and a nicely designed/built product - but BT connectivity more of challenge than expected.

The User Manual needs more on the process to get Bluetooth working.

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Happy to hear you got it going, Thanks for reporting back. "Have you tried turning it off and then on again?" is a classic troubleshooting step because it works!

Regarding improvements to the documentation, Do you mean the user manual for VictronConnect, or the User manual for the 12/15 charger?

warmtone avatar image warmtone Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ ·

Hi Guy I was referring to the User Manual. - this is what you get in the box and it seems to be lacking in the required information for BT connectivity Including the required default device code.

Lots of good generic info on the device in the User Manual which is fine, but suggest there should be some clear explanations on the Steps to get BT working. A short overview and references to the Victron Website for the online Victron Connect Manual App download location etc would be useful.

The Victron Connect is quite comprehensive once you find it - but maybe needs to be updated to suggest a Restart for Mac IOS in case of BT connectivity issues.

I tried the 12/15 charger last night on a car battery and it performed flawlessly!

Great to see graphically what is happening during the charging process!

I would like to improve the experience.

I have added a step 0 - restart everything clause to the troubleshooting advice on the VictronConnect manual.

The issue with specific VictronConnect instructions inside the printed manuals is that those can change on the software side.

On page 3 of the charger manual there is a reference to the VictronConnect manual for more help with setup, monitoring, and updates.

I would like to help further, and put the information where you expected to find it. So any more specifics would be useful to see what else I can do.