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when batteries being charged from alternator the volts jump up to 14.1 but the battery % continues to decrease

I have a multi plus 12/3000,connected to a BMV battery monitor and a CCGX colour screen - when on shore line the batteries charge normally and the CCGX shows 100% charge batteries full. However when I disconnect the shoreline and run the engine over a four hour period the batteries are going down as well as the percentage - have had the alternator checked and the cables from the batteries to the shunt have been tested with a clamp meter for the amps and voltage but the equipment is not detecting any amps volts etc - any ideas?

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Could you draw a diagram of how it is all connected?

My first guess is the battery and the alternator have a connection to the chassis of the vehicle as a negative path, and are bypassing the BMV (which requires it is the ONLY thing connected to the battery negative, and all current to pass through it) before going to the chassis.

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rupez1 avatar image rupez1 Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·
Guy, How can I avoid this problem when my alternator is ‘case negative’ and connected to system negative through the engine chassis?
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You would need to find the link from the battery negative to the chassis, and instead connect the battery negative to the battery connection terminal of the BMV ONLY.

Then move the 'battery negative link to chassis connection' to LOAD side of the BMV connected to the vehicle chassis.

This will mean that all loads need to run through the BMV before they will reach the battery.

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drlbradley avatar image drlbradley rupez1 commented ·
Or install a Victron Orion ?
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