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Current Monitoring from multiple sources

Hi All

I have a sailing catamaran, so 2 motors and alternators in the aft, I also have 6 solar panels with 6 PWM controllers on them I want to change these controllers to 6 Victron smart controllers 75/15 ones. The alternators supply 2 start batteries one for each motor and the solar system charge the house bank of batteries (around 500 Ah), Version 1.47 firmware update allows these to solar controllers to synchronise so they dont turn each other off but it also says if you have a GX device connected you cant use this functionality. I was wanting o use smart shunt units on the alternators to monitor their charge current.

SO what I'm overall trying to do is get a GX unit like the CERBO to monitor the smart shunts, the 6 solar controllers and maybe another smart shunt for the supply to the inverter, its not a Victron inverter. Would love some advice, thanks all

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