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DC Wiring Pylontech Akku <> 3-phase MultiPlus ESS

Hello World!

I am designing and setting up shortly a 3-Phase ESS system with 3 x Multiplus II 48V 5000VA and a recharable batterie bank with 8 x Pylontech 2,2 kWh (16,6 kWh). I read a lot here and elsewhere in the net. But I did find only very little information about the DC wiring of the battery bank.

I thought doing it without a minimum fuse technic it will be stupid and dangerous. I discovered at Victron the high current busbar in combination with single fuse holders. I thought to use for PLUS and MINUS DC for each two cable sets from Pylontech and connect each output (2x PLUS and 2 x MINUS) of the in total four cables from Pylontech with 200A fuse to the the busbar (so in total it is 400A) and to connect from bus bar to each of the Multis with a 100 A fuse and cable.

The eight pieces US2000+ will be take place in a high load server cabinet 19" ( 8 x 25 kg = 200 kg ) What about the wiring? The wiring from one akku to the next is standard with the Pylontech batteries. But where to put the two busbars? I think they should go and monuted into the server cabinet! But how to mount? Without any self engineering an d self constructing, I couldn't find any solution. Mount them to what? To wood? to AldDibod?

Any ideas? Any suggestions?


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