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I was wondering if we could programm a sleep mode on a smart solar charge controler ?

Hello community,

On the smart solar charge controler, we have PV pannel, Battery and application as everybody know.

If we have some issues because of bad weather or anything else, the application continue to take current on the battery (that's make sens...).

We the battery is empty, the S-S-C-Controler cut off the application to prevent an over discharge of the cells.

That's good, but in case we cannot recharge quicker the battery, the smart solar controler consume a little on the battery, to be able to keep an intelligent sytem to put ON (after a good charge level on cells) the application after.

We loose all if the solar cannot be recharge the cell before the over discharge (because of control consumption on battery)?

Can we programm (configure) the smart solar in a sleep mode and for exemple create a wake up every 15 minutes ? So we could reduce a lot the controler consumption on the battery.

Hope all is clear....

Thank you for any feedback.


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