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v-sense data from BMV-712 to two SmartSolar 100/30 and Multiplus using Cerbo GX

I used to have a smaller system with a BMV-712 and one SmartSolar 75/15 connected to a 55W panel. Both the BMV and the SmartSolar was connected to the same bluetooth network so the SmartSolar could use the v-sense data from the BMV. I also have the new Multiplus 12/1200/50 with a VE.BUS port.

This winter I am adding a lot more solar and feel that the Multiplus is lacking a proper v-sense on the battery. I am replacing the SmartSolar 75/15 with two SmartSolar 100/30, each connected to a 390W panel (total of 780W solar).

The new SmarSolar MPPT:s will be further away from the BMV-712 then the old SmartSolar and I am worried about the Bluetooth network connectivity.

If I add the Cerbo GX can I connect the BMV-712 (VE.Direct), the two SmartSolar 100/30 (VE.Direct) and the Multiplus (VE.CAN) and have both the SmartSolar and the Multiplus get v-sense data from the BMV-712?

cerbo gxVE.Smart Network
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With DVCC enabled you can do shared Voltage, Current and Temp sense to all devices on the network as long as they are plugged into the Cerbo. Check out the manual here about DVCC:

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It was after I read the manual that I felt that I needed to post a question here @nebulight

Maybe I am misunderstanding the manual... When I read the manual I get the impression that even though there is three physical VE.Direct ports on the Cerbo GX, only two ports can be used for the BMV-712 and the two SmartSolar 100/30.

In section 2.4.2. Battery Monitor BMV-700 series; and MPPTs with a VE.Direct port
"Either one or two compatible products can be connected directly to the Cerbo GX using a standard VE.Direct cable"

There are several if's and but's regarding VE.Direct via USB or via CAN as well as I think it is strange that only two VE.Direct devices can be connected when there are three ports.

My hope was that this was an early version of the manual and it still needed to be corrected regarding the number of VE.Direct devices.

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The computer power of the Cerbo can handle around 15 devices. As for what they manual states that, I'm not sure (I didn't realize the manual was published, I'll have to look it over).

I'm just an end user, but this question may be better suited for a distributor or employee, but that wouldn't make sense to me that it would only allow 2 devices. It could just be an issue with how it's worded in the manual.

I'll check out the manual as well. EDIT: After reading it, it looks to me that it may just be a typo in the manual as I don't know why it would state two devices when there are three. It could have been a copy and paste error from a the CCGX manual. Here is the wording from the CCGX manual:

1.4.2 Battery Monitor BMV-700 series; and MPPTs with a VE.Direct port

Either one or two compatible products can be connected directly on the back of the CCGX using a standard VE.Direct cable. There are two types of VE.Direct cable available:

  1. Straight VE.Direct cables, ASS030530xxx

  2. VE.Direct cables with an angled connector on one end. These are designed to minimize the required depth behind a panel, ASS030531xxx

VE.Direct cables have a maximum length of 10 metres. It is not possible to extend them. If longer lengths are required, use the VE.Direct to VE.Can interface. Note that this only works for BMV700 and BMV702. Not for the BMV712, MPPT solar chargers and Inverters with a VE.Direct port. See next paragraph for more information on that VE.Can interface.

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The text is exactly the same except CCGX is replaced by Cerbo GX.

Let’s hope it’s just a copy and paste error.

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It is a copy paste oversight error, and I will fix it. Thanks for finding it.

I thought I got most of these, but there are probably a few more still lurking in there.

To clarify now, the Cerbo has 3 VE.Direct ports and they can all be used :)

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djingis avatar image djingis Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ ·

Thanks @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

My main goal is synchronized charging with the two SmartSolar 100/30 and v-sense from the BMV-712 to the two SmartSolars. If I don’t have any Bluetooth connectivity issues between the two SmartSolars and the BMV-712, will the Cerbo GX add any additional features regarding v-sense and synchronized charging?

I fully understand that the Cerbo GX will add a ton of other great features though.

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Not really, a single shared current limitation between the two.

You are somewhat right to be concerned about the bluetooth reliability if distance or obstacles are involved.

The hardwired connection of the Cerbo will be much more certain.

The Multi also misses out without the GX. Also the warm glow of the overview screen...

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