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CCGX and maretron FPM100 tank levels

I have multiple tank level sensors connected to a maretron fpm100,measuring 2 fuel tanks and a water tank. The tank level display on the CCGX flashes between a fuel tank level and the fresh water level. In the settings on the ccgx for that sensor the instance number is 30, which is the device instance level set in the maretron N2k analyser, the tank instance numbers are 10 and 11. how to get the ccgx to separate the two tanks into separate displays? There is also a Maretron TLM reading the black water tank and its display is discrete from the fresh and fuel. No problem with that one.

CCGX Color ControlNMEA 2000 - N2K
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I am experiencing the same issue on the Venus GX running V2.42 - I have 2 x Fresh Water and 1 x Fuel all via Maretron FPM100 pressure transducers.

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Hi @Ur12VMan did you solve this? how?

Here is a similar question, advising to change the system instance:

Note that right now I don't really understand how or why changing the system instance would be required to be honest, since system instances are intended for something else. More information about different instances here:

all the best, Matthijs

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What you are experiencing sounds like the same issue as connecting a SeeLevel NMEA2000 multi-tank system to the CCGX. Venus code assumes one tank per device so you end up with one tank display switching between tanks. The FPM100 is also a NMEA2000 tank system so there may be light at the end of your particular tunnel:

With the help of Ben (here on this forum), I was able to create a "repeater" that separates the individual tank info and republishes it to separate tank objects. You may be able to adapt this code to your needs, or it may simply work after setting the dBus service name for your FPM100.

You can find my code at:

The Read Me there explains the system in detail and what changes are needed to your system.

The repeater is written in python and runs as a separate task. A couple of the GUI files are also replaced.

Victron is working on a fix for the multiple tanks on one NMEA 2000 device limitation. It MAY make it into Venus 2.60 currently in beta test, but may not. A sticky exists in the Modifictions space for the current beta software if any. There is also a status page on the tank issue here:

Hope this helps. Reach out if you need more information.

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Hi, to add to my previous post, I dont see why making the device instances unique wont work.

just the data instances unique is not enough (unfortunately) and is what we’re working on.

but device instances unique should be enough.

and these FPMs are three individual senders, ie not one with three inputs, so really it should work fine.

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Oh all corrected - sorry!!

The fpm100 is one box; with six analog inputs. Therefore most likely it will be impossible to get each tank level its own unique device instance.

And then indeed as @Kevin Windrem said - this issue will be fixed by us (Victron) at the same time as we fix that Garnet Seelevel issue. Worded more technically: fix that we can’t handle multiple tank levels coming from the same device, even if they’re nicely separated by using data instances.

And can be worked around in the mean time by using Kevins script.

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