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3 phase single phase grid

Have a possible system to install

Client had a single phase AC grid supply

Is currently having to use a 3 phase generator for his 3 phase equipment means

Wanting to install a 3 phase Quattro set up With 3 phase fronuis SYMO to make make a micro grid

I know we can use the 3 phase generator for supplement the charging that the solar is falling short of

my question is can the single phase grid supply usable for supplementary charging with the 3 phase Quattro setup

Answering the question my self I would say no

Tho I think it may be usable if a single to 3 phase converter is used ???

anyone have any thoughts on this ?


3 phase
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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @mikeb is possible to create 3 phase with a single phase feed, but this cannot be combined with PV connected to the output.

Why? because the 3 inverters have to switch as a group to enable this, if the system doesn't have grid input, it can control the PV output by changing the output frequency. But when one phase has grid input, the other phases follow this and the system cannot regulate the PV power.

The easiest solution here: use DC coupled PV (preferably with Victron MPPT's)

Than you can use a single phase grid input to create a 3 phase supply

Please note that you cannot use a grid-code and feed-in / ESS assistant.

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martynhulsman avatar image martynhulsman commented ·

I am hoping you can maybe assist me and check if my thinking is correct then.

I have a friend that wants to create a 3-phase system from a single phase grid connection.

We live in South Africa, so we struggle with load shedding (you can google what that means) which means he will need batteries for when the grid is off. He also want to have PV and push back into the grid. First question: Will it be possible for him to create the 3-phase system, have PV, have back up generator, have single phase grid supply, and have a battery storage system?

I understand that you can create the single phase system by using the master/slave configuration where the ACin goes into the inverter L1 and charges the batteries, and then L2 & L3 generates the second and third phase from the batteries. Will my friend be able to push back into the grid if he connects the PV system to the batteries with MPPTs?

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you.


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peterwolff answered ·

Hi I am looking into this also for a client. We have a 15Kw single phase grid connection and want to produce a 3 phase output. We will use victron mppt and lithium batteries. But how do we use the grid connection? parallel on ac in

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beaulawley avatar image beaulawley commented ·
Exactly same situation here, client with 15Kw single phase in rural Tasmania, already has 5.13kWp PV with solaredge inverter & no batteries, looking at adding more panels, batteries & multi MultiPlus to get 3-phase to their work shed. Looking for guidance cheers
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