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Lynx shunt reference voltage?


Anyone know the lynx shunt reference voltage? Would like to attach my BMV PCB board to it so I can still use it.


lynx shunt
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There are three different ways to do this.

1) Await a definitive answer.

2) Measeure the Voltage drop over the shunt with a known ammount of current flowing and scale it to one of the options available in the BMV. E.g. if you measure 2.9mV over the shunt whilst you know that 29A is going through it then you can use 500A / 50mV.

3) Mount the BMV shunt PCB over the Lynx shunt like you propose and then go through the shunt options in the BMV until the correct current shows on the BMV.

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I’ll try #2, however, for #3 I tried playing with various values and it would be right on the low end then off under higher load or vice versa. I checked with AMSolar locally and they said best bet is just use the stock BMv shunt in series.

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Przemyslaw Karwasiecki avatar image Przemyslaw Karwasiecki dgorman commented ·

Hello dgorman,

Do you have any resolution to your problem with non-linear behavior of Lynx shunt?

(You had mentioned that is either accurate on low end or high end, but not both)

I am contemplating using Lynx shunt in my setup, but I have 2 devices

(REC BMS and Wakespeed WS500) depending on analog measurement

of voltage drop to calculate battery current.

I would rather avoid using 2 shunts (500A/50mv from BMV712 and Lynx) in series.

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gr8vibes avatar image gr8vibes Przemyslaw Karwasiecki commented ·

I know it’s an old post, but I’m in the same situation where I want to install a Lynx Shunt with Wakespeed WS500. Did you went with this configuration and if so, can you please tell me how you set it up?



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