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Victron 100/20 Load Output Settings

I work as a consultant providing RFID detection equipment for fish and wildlife services. Lately I have needed the what Victron 100/20 MPPT solar controller is marketed to provides - a cost effective, user friendly smart solar controller that will work in either 12 or 24 volt configurations. I mainly run 24v. Regarding the load output settings, which would be the best for a continuous load (antenna always running) but to still be able to disconnect the load when the batteries drop below say 22.5 and reconnect at 24? I have tried the user defined algorithm with the previous parameters but have heard heard feedback that the load will not reconnect and the yield in the history will show 0 from that point forward. I have tried to duplicate this scenario in my shop but was unable to do so. The reason I am asking now is I have heard from a second customer in an opposite solar region whom experienced this same issue. I have assumed the disconnect at 22.5 and reconnect at 24 will prevent the batteries from going totally dead.

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@billyblak, while there have been a number of reported instances of the load output malfunctioning, including several from my own customers, so far nearly every one that I personally have dealt with has been found to be caused by user error; ie, the "streetlight" function being left on (which changes the behavior of the load out and associated settings) or the jumper being left in, which can cause system conflicts if the jumper-defined settings are different than the app-defined settings, or a 20A load being attached to a 15A port... things of that nature.

I once thought I had managed to reproduce the load-out errors on my test bench, but after much trial and error I finally determined that in fact I was simply failing to take into account the shutdown and restart timers built in to the device - generally 2-minute shutdown upon low-voltage and the same timer upon reaching the restart voltage... +/- about 30 seconds.

Bottom line: my company in particular has ~137 customers using the load-out of the 100/20s as you describe, plus another ~237 using the load-outs of the 75/15s, and a grand total of 7 of our customers have reported problems in the last year. In 5 of the cases, I was able to positively identify the issue as user error. I haven't heard from the last 2 recently, so I'm uncertain as to their final resolution, but in general I'd say that so long as you fully read the instructions, connect the devices as appropriate, and understand all settings and limitations, you're fine to use the 100/20 as described.

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