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Is VRM down?

For weeks now, my access to VRM has been sketchy at best.

Sometimes it would load, show my installations but when I click on the little globe in the corner I get erroneously prompted to logon again. If I back out and go back in magically it works.

While annoying, it had still been fairly usable.

As of today, every time I launch VRM I’m immediately presented with a spinning wheel. Then after a long time, it quits and reprompts for login.

Nothing I put In there matters. Wheel spins then a connection appears to be offline message.

Relaunching doesn’t matter

Changing devices doesn’t matter (iPhones)

Changing networks (multiple wireless/cellular networks) doesn’t matter.

If I race it on the main screen and quickly click the little globe before it wigs out, I can occasionally get some site data to come up but it’s very sketchy and eventually blows up again.

Anyone else??

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Hi Geo. That site *never* goes down (famous last words, touching wood here), and I think you'd see an email if it did. Can't be sure of that, and it was so long ago (maybe years) I can't remember the details.

It's still up right now, and the issue is likely at your end. Could be any number of things, like ISP, firewall, browser, router, etc, etc.

Just for fun, try going to the main website and click on the VRM 'Try our demo'. It may well default the demo to your own a/c (as it does for me), but see what happens...

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Thanks for your reply John.
I figured it would be a pretty big poop-storm if it was really down, but thought I'd check :)

Because I had actually tried from multiple ISPs (att, verizon, tmobile, and local wifi) from 3 different devices.

But I think I figured it out.

Some number of weeks ago Victron released a rather innocuous sounding update to iOS stating "VRM uses web interface" or something, so I just ignored it.
Well turns out it's not so unimportant, lol.

It appears that the not-web version of VRM (or whatever iteration of it was still left) was just deprecated.

Anyway, the app update seems to be letting me log in and stay logged in, so all good.

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