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Venus GX / Glass Bridge / Multiple DC Banks / Must you choose?

Having read the Venus GX (and CCGX) Manuals I am somewhat unclear about what is eventually displayed on the glass bridge w/r/t DC activity. I have a Quattro maintaining a 48v bank (electric motor) and a 48/12 DCDC maintaining a 12v bank (house/windlass). I have a BMV-702 that I planned to shunt on the 12v bank. I believe I can connect both the Quattro and the BMV-702 to the Venus GX. I’m not sure if any of the Victron 48/12 DCDC converters can be connected (if so, perhaps this is better solution than the BMV-702). In any case, whether it’s Quattro and BMS on the Venus GX, or Quattro and DCDC Convertor on the Venus GX, it appears from the manual I must pick one DC source to display? Does this mean the glass bridge can only show one? In other words, I can see what‘s going on with the 48v bank, or the 12v bank? If I cannot see both DC banks simultaneously (via Quattro and BMV-702, or Quattro and DCDC, can I toggle between them on the glass bridge (in similar way that I can toggle Battery 1 / Battery 2 on the BMV display iitself? Thanks! Peter

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