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easyplus compact issues

Hi All

I have just fitted a victron system in my latest van conversion and it causing me a few headaches.

Any help is very much appreciated first let me give you the low down on what i have fitted.

Easyplus compact 12v 1600 inv charger

lithium 160 ah smart battery

V E bus BMS

12 65 battery protect

cyrix li charge

smart mttp

712 battery monitor

ccgx colour control

all components are at the latest firmware.

The issue is when running from the battery with the inverter and say im using a coffee machine rated at 1300 watts the dc cuts out a few seconds after the coffee machine is switched on then the ac cuts out. The dc switches back on a few seconds later.

I am presuming this is the battery protect kicking in and out the question is why is it doing this ?

I am new to installing a more advanced system and still learning .

Cheers in advance

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Hi - I am doing a similar install. Can I check - it is this product you have ?


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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @apevan

Please don't use a battery protect between the battery and inverter!! these devices are:

-one way only, reverse current can damage it

Also: inverters have capacitors that need to be charged, this can look like a short-circuit and overload the device.

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apevan answered ·


Thanks for getting in touch the battery protect is fitted between the battery and the dc loads to cut the loads if the battery is run down not the inverter. This is why I can't get my head round the problem I am having.

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Ahhh now it makes sense to me: your battery is not able to provide the current, so it drops in voltage, making both the inverter shut down and the BP shut off the loads.

Also: a 1300W coffee maker usually needs a much bigger inverter, as they tend to be a 'difficult' load with big peaks. (But this one might be no problem, not all coffee machines are alike)

Is the battery fully charged? measure DC voltages at the battery when this happens to know what is going on.

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I have just noticed in the manual that a 200 ah to 700ah battery is recommended maybe the battery isn't man enough what are your thoughts?

I will run some checks to see what is happening with the battery and report back.

Thanks again.

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