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Smartsolar mppt #119 settings data lost after loading settingsfile

I have made a config file for smartsolar Controller to customers, but when file is loaded it to the Controller it throw an error. Do Anyone have an idear why.

And howto avoid it in the future.

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@Sten, at a glance it appears that the config file you have made is defective in one regard or another. Recommend that you start over using known good settings on a known good controller, then save those settings to an external file and try loading that config into a different (but identical type and firmware) controller.

It's very possible that saved config settings on one controller cannot be used on another controller, but I don't know that for a fact. I would think that so long as your controllers are identical and are running identical F/W, that a saved config file from one could be used on another. That being said, I would not be surprised if this proved to not be the case.

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Hi, I have tryed loading the 75/15 into a 100/20 wich is not posible they have to be the same model. It sems to only affect 75/15. I have made config files for the 5 smallest Controller with the demo devices, witch should Be fine. For now I have had 2 Controller in row both 75/15 with the problem. I'm pretty sure they both where firmware 1.42. The files Is made with victronconnect 5.11

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@Sten, I recommend not using VictronConnect Demo mode to try to make and save config files... not sure that it'll work, but use the settings from a real device, save those to an external config file, and try loading that.

To the best of my knowledge, a Demo device config file will not function on a real device.

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