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VRM data reporting is intermittent - has long gaps for the last three days

Good day.

I am seeing gaps in all data, with "Last updated xxx" increasing to where xxx is up to a five hour delay. This has been seen the last three days. Before then I have never had this problem and I have been on line for years now. As I type, my "last updated" delay is for one hour as at 16:35 South African time.

The problem clears itself, I don't do anything. My browsing is working perfectly, my Internet is on fiber, all of my services including email are working perfectly. My computers are up to date and are fully virus/malware protected with a VPN in place.

I see the same thing when I use my cell phone app, so I don't believe that I have a problem.

Are you performing server maintenance, are you intentionally off-line recently at times or is there a bug that should be reported?

Thank you for your comments/advice.

Regards, Alex

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Is the GX connected with a hard wired Ethernet cable?

Is there a chance for it’s connection to be setup to bypass the VPN to test without that possibly causing an interference?

I’m not aware of any server side issue or updates, nor any other complaints.

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try turning o the no data alarm, it will not fix anything but it will warn you if there is a problen, and log the alarm.

If gaps match alarms then it is a network or device issue, if not then look at the portal service.

I haven't been using it long but it clearly has the odd reporting glitch.

If the issue is on your local LAN but intermittent and restricted to, apparantly, one device look for new kit, check DHCP logs, make sure our DHCP range is not overlapping any fixed IP's and make sure you only have a single active DHCP server.

if everything seems OK but it still isn't working get a managed switch and use its logs to fault find.

Note you will have to put the switch in a location, LAN wise, where it is a trunk for everything you want to look at.

Hope that helps.

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