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Smartsolar 100/20 won't start charge until battery below 12.0V

Hello, recently my charge controller has stopped charging the battery unless it is below 12.0V which is really low in my opinion, I have researched as much as I could and can not find out why, I have attached screenshots of the system and performance since this started about 5 days ago, thanks for any help!

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Hi RL,

The only thing I can think of is that the "re-bulk voltage offset" in the expert settings has been changed.

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

As the battery voltage maximums and minimum are still the same, even with no charge going through the regulator, there might be a bad connection somewhere.

Is there another charge source in the system that is maintaining the battery?

Please take some photos of the installation.

Depending on those factors, the next test procedure for a suitably qualified and competent installer would be:

Go through the system with a multimeter, and check each connection point, and each fuse.

If you do not find a fault, shut down the system, and the physically tug test each wire and see if there are any loose.

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Yes, this is installed on a travel van so the alternator has been charging the battery as we have been driving each day, though we aren't typically, so I would like to get this sorted. I'll check all the connections, it's a fairly simple system, one 300w 36v panel, the controller, a fridge attached to the load circuit and a battery and has been working well all summer until recently. Thanks for the input!

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