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Virtual switch / alarm output not working.

I have a really old victron multiplus compact 2000. I have tried to get the alarm output to drive a relay that will start a generator. I have had no luck in ever getting the alarm output to trigger the relay. I know the most likely option is that I have done something erroneous, but I can't help thinking the output is not working. I have programmed a lot of different options to debug the issue using VEConfig. To the very least I would expect checking the "invert VS" button would make the relay switch, but no.

What if the previous owner shorted the output, would that damage it? Any way I can see if has been shorted? The connector does not sit straight, seems like someone has used significant force to fasten the wires. What is the likelihood off damage? If damage is likely, have anyone tried repairing it? I am well above average on electronics and soldering, but I still need to know what to do.

I have connected the right alarm terminal to battery GND. The right terminal is connected to on terminal on the solenoid on the relay. The second terminal on the solenoid is connected to 12V battery. The intent is that the alarm output will allow current to flow in the relay solenoid and switch the relay on. If I short the wires going into the two alarm terminals, the relay switches.

Any ideas? Please do not ask med to deliver it to a dealer. It is installed in a cabin in the mountains and the unit is really old. The motivation to dissemble it, transport it back and forth, etc, is really low. If I cannot get it to work myself, then the unit will never start the generator.

Anyone had similar issues?

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the relay you are using ie the allarm relay is a Hi Low relay I think, so you need a diferant control circuit

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