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VE.Direct Connection MPPT Blue 100/20 and Phoenix 12/375

Hello, I connecteda VE.Direct Connection MPPT 100/20 and Phoenix 12/75 via VE.Direct cable, but can't see any details in the app. The Phoenix doesn't show up. Is there any idea?

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@telefonino, please specify the MPPT model, whether Smart or Blue, and check your Phoenix specifications as well... I assume you're speaking of a Phoenix Smart Charger rather than a Phoenix inverter, but there is no Phoenix 12/75 Smart Charger, so it's unclear what models of equipment you're dealing with.

Regardless of all that, though, you can't just hook two devices together via a VE.Direct cable and expect them to talk to each other or, if one is Smart and the other is Blue, for the Blue's information to show up over your BT connection to the Smart unit; that's not how the VE.Direct system works.

If you want a Blue unit to be accessible via BT you'll need to get a VE.Direct to Bluetooth dongle for each individual device. If you want a Blue or Smart unit to show up on the VictronConnect app on your computer, you'll need to purchase a VE.Direct to USB Adapter and connect to each device individually. Just connecting a VE.Direct cable between two devices is not the way to set up a VE.Direct network... I strongly recommend that you fully read and understand the manuals for all of your products and then consult an experienced installer before proceeding any further.

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I added the data in the questions. When I bought the inverter I found a passage in the datasheets stating that both devices work directly together to optimize battery outpout / charging, so I assumed it would work that way (like a CAN bus or so).

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