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Battery Protect 12/24 100A doesn't work properly, does it?

Hello Folks,

I've a set up consists of:

- 24V Battery

- Victron Smart Solar 100V-30Amp, fused and directly attached to the Battery

- Victron Battery Protect 24V-100Amp, fused and directly attached to the Battery

I operate the Battery Protect with default settings and only use it as remote "on/off" switch. Therefore I connected pin 2-1 of the two-pole connector with a battery plus connected switch. Everything seems working properly until I noticed that I had connected the switch not directly to battery plus but with plus behind the Battery Protect's "out".

This made me think because, in my opinion, the Battery Protect should disconnect the output completely when switching to "off", but the remaining voltage is enough to turn it back "on" when using the switch again. Nevertheless, I measured (with Battery Protect set to "off") approx. 1.6 volt between Battery Protect's "out" and battery minus.

Wiring errors can be ruled out (I disconnected everything except the set up mentioned above). I also couldn't find any reference in the manual about remaining voltage after switching the Battery Protect to "off". Is the Battery Protect working properly?



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@chrinski, do you measure any actual current at the "out" post when you have the BP switched off? That is, while I understand that you're seeing approximately 1.6vDC, are you seeing any amps? The voltage doesn't concern me too much; a little residual/ghost voltage is fairly common to see here and there, but if there's any actual current behind it then it's an indication that one or more of the FETs inside the BP are not functioning properly, which will certainly lead to failure or other problems in the future.

If you have one available, maybe try connecting a very very small load to the "out" post (while the BP is switched off) and ground, like a computer fan or something else that will run on a fraction of an ampere... if the fan runs, then one or more of the FETs aren't opening properly... if the fan doesn't run and the voltage you're reading drops, then it's just residual/ghost voltage and there's nothing to be concerned about.

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chrinski avatar image chrinski commented ·

Hi Justin,

I just checked it and the current behind the "out" post is enough to let a low voltage LED glow a little when the Battery Protect is switched off. The voltage does not drop.

I assume that the Battery Protect does not work properly and will replace it.

Thanks for your explanation and help.



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