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Victron Quattro with Fronius primo Software and integration to Venus gx

Hi, First post so please be gentle!

I have a secondhand Victron Quattro with version 19 software and a battery pack. My plan is add a Venus a Fronius Primo (new)and some secondhand panels.

I am trying to set up a zero grid setup (as secondhand parts) Will the quattro communicate (version 19 software) with the Fronius and be able to to run zero export?.

My plan was to use the grid for economy 7 charging and when using more than 4kw limit on the inverter(or batteries flat) I assume that the Venus will show the energy flow in all directions?

Thanks for peoples inputs


Venus GX - VGXsoftware
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How is your project going?

I do have a question, when you asked about if the Venus could track the energy flow in all directions. If this is a zero feed in are you wanting to know then how much is charging the battery from the fronius, or something else like the loads?

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