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3 phase EV charger and 1 phase battery system, metering question

I want to have a 3 phase Victron EV charger for which I need a GX system with a 3 phase grid meter to do load balancing. That is clear.

But I also want to use a Victron battery system on single phase. And I specifically want it to just work with the loads on a single phase. It is okay if it has priority over the EV charger.

I'm wondering if I can make this work within one GX system?
For the EV charger, the grid meter is the 3 phase meter.
For the Multiplus battery system I would like to use a 1 phase meter as grid meter.
I could put all relevant loads behind the Multiplus load output, and use the Multiplus as the grid meter.

But I will still have the same problem right? That there can only be one grid meter in the GX system.

Thanks in advance

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