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Energy Meter for 3-phase 120/208V 40kW generator

Hi there! I’ve been sifting through the manuals for various energy meters, but it’s making my head hurt, so thought I’d come here for guidance.

Fishing vessel. 40kW generator (peak amps ~140 at 208V), in the WYE configuration for 120V loads. 3000W 120/12 multiplus inverter/charger, DC smart shunt, cerbo GX & GXTouch screen.

Right now only my lower/common 120v ac loads go through the multiplus (displayed through the cerboGX). Larger 120V loads are provided by other lines of the generator (when on). We also have big pumps, refrigeration equipment, and large forward lights powered by 208V.

I’d like to have all my generator line-loads displayed through the GX touch (which I believe I can do with guimods) and the appropriate energy meter+CTs.

I’m having a hard time figuring out what the best meter is for the job! The simplest way to power it would be with 208V, as it will be mounted by the main AC distribution panel. If so, it would lose power every time the generator turned off (bad for parameters?). Alternatively it could be powered by 120V from the multiplus, which is always on.

Any guidance would be welcome!

Energy Meter3 phasegui mods
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