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MPPT stopped charging


I currently run a system with two MPPT (100/30 & 100/20) and a smartshunt together with 2 gell batteries in a campervan.


A couple of days ago, the smaller MPPT charger stopped working. It might be related to a firmware update, but I do not know if the time correlates.


The PV Voltage appears to be ok for charging, I checked the ones reported with a multimeter, and they are

Interestingly enough, the battery voltage of the 100/20 is quite off from the other devices and is correct if checked on the terminals. If I remove the battery cables and theck them directly, the voltage correlates with the other devices.

I already tried a restart (removing and reinserting all wires), factory reset, and "toggle charger" to no avail. Any ideas?



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@Snafu Your 100-20 is reading very low battery voltages, and is showing low yield.

There is most likely a blown fuse in the mppt (or battery lead) or a bad connection between the mppt and battery.

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Hi @klim8skeptic ,

thanks for your answer. I tried some constellations to debug this a bit further. For this I switched PV connections of the MPPT chargers. This showed the "problematic" 100/20 MPPT working, but the original panels not workign on the 100/30 Charger either.

My conclustion is, that I might have faulty cableing or that the panels have some issues. I'll investigate further. Thanks for the hint with the cables...

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@Snafu Test your solar panels and array wiring.

Dont fall off your roof, or burn anything down tho..

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