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(SOLVED) 75/15 - firmware fail - rapid blink Green Orange - recovery options?

UPDATE: solution found. The device was simply in recovery mode / default state. With battery + CCGX + USB cable connected the VictronConnect app was able to see it and prompt for a firmware update. Leaving this here for posterity. 

I was just setting up a new system based on:


RasPi based CCGX

LiFePO4 24v

All was working quite well for a few days. This morning I decided to do a systems check and notice that the CCGX reported firmware 1.39 > 1.4x update was available for the SmartSolar 75/15.


I accessed the CCGX via online web portal (probably Edge).

After selecting device and moving to update the status got to 30%.

Device seemed to reboot and never came back. At this point no matter what I do, Yellow/Orange lights rapid flash. From the community here the report is that is related to over voltage. I've tried multiple different battery configs (life/lipo) with equal results.

Would appreciate some help

thanks in advance


firmware update
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