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Upgrade Firmware... or just leave it alone?

I have a Multiplus 2000, Cerbo GX/GX Touch, SmartShunt, Smart Solar MPPT set-up with LionEnergy LifePO4 batteries.

I was upgrading firmware as I had an issue with my battery % not appearing. But after a full reset of batteries, and a full charge... all good now, battery % appearing @ 100%.

However... I did not upgrade my Multiplus as my MK3 was lent out, and I just got it back now.

So here's my question...

Is it worth updating Multiplus Firmware (currently v497 to v510)?
Were the updates that significant (its working fine, and I'd hate to mess up my settings).

Thanks for the info...

PT II of the question...

Now that I get my MK3 back, I also got a VE Bus smart dongle. Is it worth installing that on my Multiplus (which is hard to get to). I have a GX Touch screen... it was just given to me.

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Is the system connected to the VRM portal? The firmware upgrade is much easier then as long as you have both VE.Bus system configure and VE.Configure installed for the downloaded file conversion. I did a couple over GSM even on a system that is over 6000kms away ;) As a rule unless it is broke, don't or only if you identified a new feature as Alexandra mentioned.

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Worth it of you want to use solar wind priority for both the firmware upgrade on the inverter and the bt ve bus dongle.

Just make a backup and 'print to pdf 'your current settings.

I assume by started the firmware upgrade you did the GX?

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Never going to use solar on my RV.

I did the firmware on everything BUT the Multiplus.

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You did mention a smart mppt on you Original post?

I have seen some systems get a bit grumpy with older FW on the MP and newer on the rest. But not on back up systems like yours with no solar.

So you should be ok. If there are issues though you will have to start troubleshooting with the FW upgrade.

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