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New release of MQTT driver dbus-mqtt-devices v0.6.4 for Venus OS v3.20

Hi All,

With the general release of Venus OS v3.20, there is a new release of dbus-mqtt-devices v0.6.4.

I am happy to confirm that Victron's move to FlashMQ from Mosquitto has not impacted this driver and it works just as it did before.

This release contains a few bug fixes (including one critical for Venus OS 3.20), some improvements to the samples and has been verifed for use with Venus OS v3.20.

If you are new to dbus-mqtt-devices here's a quick overviiew. More detail over on the github page.

This Venus GX Driver works in concert with the Victron dbus-mqtt gateway, now known as dbus-flashmq. It has been designed to allow Wi-Fi enabled edge devices (such as ESP32, some Arduino microcontrollers or Raspberry Pis) to self register to the dbus over MQTT. This avoids the need for additional dedicated custom drivers to be developed and deployed.

The following Victron dbus services are currently supported:

  • temperature (com.victronenergy.temperature.device)
  • tank (com.victronenergy.tank.device)
  • pvinverter (com.victronenergy.pvinverter.device)
  • grid (com.victronenergy.grid.device)
  • gps (com.victronenergy.gps.device)
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