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Orion XS 12-12V 50A current, prevent alternator overheating by temp or by velocity?

is it possible to change the current of the Orion XS 12-12V 50A while charging?

Idea 1 - temperature:
Use one of CerboGX temperature sensors and mount it at the alternator.
Create a node-RED flow to prevent alternator from overheating.
Trigger points depends on technical datasheet of the alternators max. temp.
e.g. temp below 55°C 50 amps/ temp higher 65°C 10 amps current/ temp over 70°C 0 amps current

Idea 2 - velocity:

Get CerboGX GPS/GNSS Velocity and create a node-RED flow to prevent alternator from overheating.
- standing vehicle (no cooling airflow) low charge current e.g. 10 amps current
- slow vehicle (small cooling airflow) e.g. 20 km/h only e.g. 20 amps current
- fast vehicle (full cooling airflow) e.g. 80km/h full 50 amps current

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