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Select phase for ET112

Hi Venus Development Team,,

I have been browsing through all questions on the community and found a lot of questions about this issue. In short: when adding a AC PV inverter via the ET112, it always shows on phase 1. We would like to change that to another phase, so the VRM and GX show the correct values.

I have seen that for supported PV inverters, e.g. Fronius, you can set the phase in venus os.

I was also wondering if using an ET340 (3 fase) would work, because the PV inverter would be the only connection on L3 (or L2) and I guess the ET340 unit needs power on L1 to work. Could this work? Could any other energy meter work?

I just wanted to bring this issue back on top (hopefully) of the list, As far as I can see a lot of installers/users have this issue and are looking for a solution.

Appreciating all the work the team does, regards,


Venus OSet112 pv readings
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