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DC to DC Charge Controller?


I'm currently in the midst of constructing my wind turbine set up, and have been gifted a DC permanent magnet motor, of which I'd like to use as the generator. The motor is 1.5kw and is rated at 9.3 dc amps. On testing it gives me 28vdc at 500rpm...

I have a 24v battery bank, which I think is rated at around 340ah..

Could some of the experts on here point me into the general direction of what charge controller I may need for this set up please? Any information would be much appreciated....

Thanks in advance...

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Hi @swifty

I'm sure others will add far more detail than i can but last i read up on the topic the victron charge controllers didnt have a wind/hydro setting.

The issue with wind/hydro is there's a time lag. Say you add load to a turbine it slows in speed and then the output changes. Therefore the MPPT calculation has to factor that delay in, whereas with PV it's instant (at least that's my basic understanding)

As far as im aware victron mppt's dont have that delay (someone please correct me if im wrong on any of this).

Last time I looked the hydro consensus for midnite classic, guessing similar for wind.

Then to integrate into the gx/victron system you either use a smart shunt on the midnite classic output or you use a custom driver (similar to the below link)

GitHub - jbakuwel/venus-midnite: Using Midnite Classic charge controller as battery monitor and charger

(I think this link makes it show up as pv inverter). I suspect you can tweak this to hydro if you change dbus service type.

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