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Victron multi rcd

  • Hi folks, can't seem to find anyone doing the same as me so asking afresh. I have a 12v -230v 3kva Victron multi (new model) which I am installing to convert solar to ac in a shed. I will occasionally connect to grid mains AC to boost the battery charge as required (UK domestic supply).

My question is, when installing an RCd in the AC output distribution board from the inverter (I'm only using the inverter /transfer circuit) what do I need to do to ensure the rcd trips either when running on inverter only or when when connected to the AC grid?

Am I right in thinking I enable the automatic neutral earth bond in the inverter and ensure a path to ground via earth spike?

Thanks for your time!

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You need to leave the "Ground Relay" box ticked.
The Ground relay will close when mains is not present and the bypass relay is open.
The ground relay connects the earth wire and neutral wire together. This is what defines the Neutral. Fault current can then flow from Live via the Earth wire to get back to the transformer in the MultiPlus which will result in an imbalance of current flowing through the RCD causing it to trip.
Similarly, fault current can flow through your body, through the soil, through the earth rod and reach the MultiPlus' transformer via the earth wire connected to the earth rod - which will cause an imbalance of current in the RCD and it will trip.

When on mains, the bypass relay closes and the Ground Relay will open. The Earth-Neutral bond is made at the incoming supply to the house. When on mains, the RCD operation will work like above, but using the house's incoming Neutral - Earth bond instead.

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