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Obtaining a charger for NiFe

I have been running a Victron Phoenix 3kW inverter for 6 years on 38xLiFe batteries (80Ah). I have a cheap chinese solar controller which has a nickel-cadnium setting which works well with the NiFe. A set of 38 require a charging voltage of about 66v which provides about 20amps. This 66v is too high for the inverter so I have a small voltage dropper before feeding into the inverter. The only problem I have had is finding suitable chargers to run from a 240v generator. I have had to cobble together various DC power supplies. The most successful is a 60v DC supply with a DC-DC booster attached to provide 66v with a setable current limiter. But they do not last very long (chinese crap from Amazon). I have quite a bit of experience now with LiFe, but this charging issue still needs to be more robust. Does anyone know where to source a suitable off-the-shelf DC supply. If anyone out there has similar problems, please get in touch.

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