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Charging of Victron Lithium batteries and also integrated BMS batteries

I have qty 2 12V 200AH Victron lithium batteries which are now charged via a Victron solar charger, Victron Orion charger (12V to 24V isolated) and Multiplus 3KW. These are now controlled by a Victron BMS Mk2 and Cerbo GX with touchscreen.

I also have a 24V 280AH lithium battery with integrated BMS.

The two sets of batteries are only to be used independantly so at no point would they exist 'together' at any one time.

Would I need to isolate the Victron Mk2 BMS when the integrated batteries are selected and then take the floating output of the MK2 BMS 'charge' to the Orion charger 'high'?

What would happen then though if I wanted to use the solar charger or multiplus to charge these batteries?

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