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Temp & voltage sensing unit : which one?


I have the following setup :

BMV 702 + Bluetooth Dongle (incl Voltage sensing wire, off course...)

MPPT 100/30 + Bluetooth Dongle (No temp or sensing wires)

Multiplus Compact 12/1200/230 with temp sensing wire + MK3 USB connector

Despite well sized cable I still have too much voltage drop when charging with any of the charger.

I would like to add Voltage sensing unit to provide voltage values (and temp values) to MPPT and Multiplus Compact.

which sensing unit should I get?

Ve.Bus Smart dongle will feed temp and voltage to Multiplus, could it feed the MPPT through Bluetooth too?

Smart battery sense, will only give the temp and Voltage to MPPT, right?

thanks a lot for your help.


see below, product info.

voltageTemperature Sensor
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Unfortunately at this stage there is no product available that will share battery voltage and temperature sense data with both a MPPT and Multuplus WITHOUT a Venus device (such as a CCGX or a VenusGX).

Even though the VE.Bus Smart dongle does have Bluetooth capability, the online manual states state it can NOT share this data with a MPPT via the VE.Smart Network.

My recommendation (given your current setup) is to;

-For the Multiplus: Install either a VE.Bus Smart dongle or the voltage sense wires and Multiplus specific temperature sensor (on the NEGATIVE battery terminal)

-For the MPPT: Purchase the BMV specific temperature sensor and install it (on the POSITIVE battery terminal), then using the Bluetooth smart dongles create a VE.Smart Network between the BMV and MPPT. Alternatively you could purchase a Smart Battery Sense device to achieve the same thing, but that just adds more equipment.

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Thanks a lot for the answer. Unfortunately, I don't seem to find a way to create a Ve. Smart network on the Victron Connect app. I guess my BT dongles are too old S/N ends byv6010, that sucks!

If these Dongles are too old, I guess the sensing unit will not work as well right?

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Mark avatar image Mark ♦♦ fredericmora commented ·

No problem.

Yes sorry to hear that you have the really old BT dongle version...

The very small upside of using a smart battery sense would be that you only need to replace the MPPT BT dongle.

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