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Multiple screens for reading smartshunt

I have the smartshunt conected to the victron app on a tablet in my cabin. What do i need for beeng able to have another tablet live showing the app or other shunt info in my battery room.

At the same time as the app running in the cabin.

Do i need the cerbo or is there a easier way?

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Hi @Glamsland

Guessing you're connecting via bluetooth atm?

A cerbo with smart shunt connected via vedirect would give you access to VRM portal for remote viewing (assuming you external have internet connection for the cerbo to use).

If you dont have external internet connection but cabin's on same LAN then you can also still access the data.

Victron offers an operating system for a raspberry pi (I dont think it's official supported for like production systems) but if it's just for data monitoring it might be a nice (cheaper) solution for you.

If you've messed with a raspberry pi before it'll be easy (you just download the operating system and burn to the pi's sd card and boot up the pi, from that point on it behaves near the same as a cerbo, you'll just need a few adapters to convert vedirect to usb to plug into the pi).

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