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wrong yield data (solar yield-spike over night) - in vrm dashboard only

hi there,

something weird happened recently with my system which is usually working normal, at least I know how to (likely) replicate this, as it happened when I did something unusual, to save a few kwh over night.

my system is rather complex, two systems (24v with 24v inverter, 24v battery bank and its own smartshunt) connected to the same cerbogx, to which my main 48v system (different batteries, stronger 48v inverter (rs 6000) and its own smart shunt).

the 24v system is a backup in case I need to do maintainance on one of my other systems, also the 24v system feeds nasty garage machinery which I don't want to bother the other inverters in my house with. basically the idea is redundance there.

so anyway, it was winter a and I needed to use the backup its battery was rather full at 70% and I knew bad weather, lots of clouds were coming up so I switched (ac source selector switch) to the 24v system, but then did not turn off the rs6000 as I usually do (to save those couple hundred watthours at night..) but instead I thought I could be smart and lazy, and put the inverter into "charge only" mode, which essentially stops the inverter from running and thus unnecessarily wasting energy over night.

the next morning I come to see VRM did not like this at all as it reported I had produced a ton of kwh from some random magical source over night, the screencap attached shows this.

in the morning I changed the inverter mode back to on (solar charger plus inverter active) and the issue stopped, no more excessive kwh recorded where there really were none.

then I checked all 3 solar chargers in my system, including the RS 6000's integrated one, and they all showed normal values in victron-connect, be it via bluetooth or ethernet/vrm - all normal, then I went into vrm-app to check if the advanced graphs show any abnormalities, but none there, all normal, all data correct, so only the dashboard shows this spike which btw is messing up my stats and visibility (as I was just checking how production developed over the past couple days).

  • so my questions: what caused this?
  • can it be undone? (I would really like this to be undone)
  • what should I do next?

thanks for any replies, hope you had nice holydays!

p.s. I noticed the inverter stopped logging pv voltage in vrm advanced panel as soon as I switched it to charger only mode. this could mean the inverter is not having power internally when in charger only mode, and pv power is insufficient? why does it not take the power from the battery? battery logging is normal it seems. is this maybe the cause of the problem? I will definitely not use this feature again (charger only mode) if this causes issues like this.





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so I kind narrowed this down. it happens only with an rs48/6000 inverter solar charger (I got 2 of them) and it only happens when you turn the inverter off via victron connect (via software) I run one of them in inverter only mode, and the other set to "on" all the time, which is nice, if I put any of the inverters into solar only or off via victron connect, vrm gets crazy with yield data over night. so a workaround for me is to manually turn if off when I want to save the 33 watts it consumes by merely being on over night. I hope this gets fixed in a future update.

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