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Replacing Bluetooth SBS Unit with GX SVS/STS Functions

The Setup is a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30, BMV-712, Smart Battery Sense and a Multiplus 12/3000; with a Venus GX system.

Currently I have the Smart Battery Sense configured in the VE Bluetooth Network to provide Temperature and Voltage Data to the MPPT and Voltage Data to the BMV.
I have the Battery Temp Sensor on the Multiplus, plus the Voltage Sense connected on the Multiplus for its charging setup. (FWIW, I have the 2nd input on the BMV used for the Aux/Starter Battery)

The question is about using the STS and SVS (Shared Temperature and Voltage Sensing) when enabling DVCC on the GX.

I can enable those but are they actually sending info to the MPPT and so replacing the Smart Battery Sense? I understand that this function was waiting on a certain firmware/OS version, but not sure if that has arrived yet or not? My Multiplus and MPPT are above the minimum versions quoted in the DVCC text in the GX system setup. Are we waiting on a GX OS update as well? Is anything needed in terms of setup beyond enabling DVCC on the GX?

For the Shared Voltage Sense data, what device is providing that information? Is it the BMV or is the Multiplus. Does that device overide the others input in the same way that the BMV Voltage is replaced by the Smart Battery Sense voltage on the Smart Network as I understand it? (never actually checked this TBH).

If the Smart Battery Sense is connected and Networked; AND SVS/STS is enabled and working, does one have priority over the other if both are left enabled? (obviously the data should actually be identical so it is hard to be sure which is actually being used).

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