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[Help needed] How to send measurement time series to own cloud storage?


I have a Cerbo GX and have programmed some logic in Node-RED to collect measurements and status from third party devices located within the local LAN. Such as ambient temperatures, meter readings, wallboxes etc..

My goal is to create a nice (remote) dashboard that shows time series of measurements. Not only for the values from the Victron inverter, but also those from third-party devices. The dashboard could be Grafana, but I haven't decided yet.

I would like to use an InfluxDB hosted on AWS as the database.

My idea is to publish all these collected values within the Cerbo GX via MQTT. On AWS, I would connect to the Victron MQTT broker ( to access them remotely. I would then store the received measured values in the InfluxDB to be able to display them later as time series on a website.

Now my questions:

  • Does the Cerbo GX / Venus buffer the values published via MQTT if there is no internet connection? If so, is this robust and reliable?
  • Is my idea with MQTT and its buffering a good one, or is there a more elegant way to send your "own" data securely and buffered? I want an architecture that is as reliable as possible and no data gaps later on.
  • Any other recommendations or tips?


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