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Handle "negative" DC load in VRM

Hi, in my installation (Venus GX + Gel-Battery + BMV 700 + PV-Panel + MPPT + MultiPlus), I have a fuel cell connected to the 12 VDC bus. "Has DC system" is enabled in the VGX. The Remote Console and VRM advanced widgets show a negative DC power, when the fuel cell is running - which is clear to me according to the DC system explanations in the VGX manual.

However, the bar charts in the VRM dashboard do not handle this situation, correctly. The fuel cell power output simply leads to a reduced overall power consumption - and the hourly / daily energy balances between power generation (PV panel) and power consumption (AC out, from Battery/from PV) do not fit anymore.

Could there be a way in the VRM dashboard bar charts to show the energy balances differently, when "has DC systrem" is enabled - including a differentiation between positive DC loads (consumers) and negative DC loads (generators)?


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