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Do older CGX's have same HW (processors) as newer ones?

I am looking to buy a 2nd hand CGX, but is concerned HW version may have changed to a point where older versions may not be as efficient as the latest. Can someone please shed light on the topic? PN BPP000300100R SN HQ 1435WEHNT which looks quite old. I am unable to find anything in change logs or searches to suggest I may my myself some future trouble.

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As far as I know, there have been no major architecture changes to the CCGX during its life cycle.
There are differences between the different Venus products.

Another thing to be aware of when purchasing used Venus devices is to ensure that the previous owner has de-registered the device from VRM otherwise you'll have a problem registering it for yourself.

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Thank you. The de-registration is a valuable point I overlooked. Can Victron support do it or is that just another item for the recycling bin?

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I'm not familiar with the exact process, but it would be along the lines of proving that you actually are the new owner. They would need to be sure that the old owner did actually pass the device on and they are not going to knock someones device off VRM just because another person says that they bought it on "ebay". It gets a bit awkward you see, so it's a lot easier if the previous owner simply de-registers it first. I think iOS devices follow a similar ownership exchange procedure.

If a salvage exercise has been conducted then the salvage people rarely care, nor have the ability, to ensure that the devices can be re-used by someone else.

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