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Alternator and Solar Charging

Hello All,

I am confirming my Solar/Alternator charging setup/sytem before I install this weekend.

I have a stock E-450 Box truck with a 130amp alternator and typical starting battery as my platform.

I am in need of the following from my system.

  • Solar to primarily keep my starting battery charged over long periods of time.
  • Solar to charge auxilliary batteries during the day after primary battery has sufficient voltage

Auxilliary Batteries have the following function requirements.

  • Power interior box lighting.
  • Power exterior box lighting.
  • Power for inverter that will handle various electronics.
  • Must be recharged during the day after starting battery is sufficiently charged.

My proposed setup is as follows

To connect both the input from the 200 Watt Solar Panels and the 130amp Alternator to the input on a 200-2 Argofet Battery Isolator to primarily charge the Output 1 Starting Battery, and to isolate that battery from the auxiliary battery bank (output 2) until it has achieved the desired voltage. The battery bank will be connected to a BP100 to limit its voltage drop so as to keep the auxiliary batteries from outputting voltage to an unrecoverable state. The BP 100 would be wired to an auxiliary fuse block from the auxiliary battery bank to output to the various lighting, inverters and others accessories.

This design would hopefully charge the batteries with both DC sources (even simultaneously with car running and panels charging) charging the batterie/s.

If I am totally incorrect about this basic design, please let me know where I have goofed!

I have searched for this setup but could find no real information!

Thank you in advance!


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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @mobilelighttruck

If you want a good advice, please show us the diagram with all components.

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