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Limit Grid in/output (Not PV or load on Input of Multiplus)

In a grid connected ESS system I would like to limit the power going in and out of the house (maximum 25A per phase). I measure this with an EM540 grid meter. I can limit power with Greed feed-in/Limit System feed-in. But that is limiting the PV feed-in, not the Grid Feed-in. Very confusing name.....Is there a possibility to maximise the real Grid feed-in/out so the the house grid circuit breakers will not be overloaded and I can charge/discharge at maximum capacity?

My Multiplus (3 phase) use only AC-in 1. All the loads and PV are before the Multiplus.
The Multiplus (battery charge) and Victron EV NS (car charge) can draw high current from the grid while other things in the house (cooking, coffee machine etc.) can also draw a high load. The combination of them can easily go over the limit of 3x25 A. I want the GX device to make sure it stays under the 25A grid in/out limit.

ESSgridcurrent limit
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For grid/service input, you can set the input current limit down on each inverter. Not to 25A but lower.

The inverters will then power assist, from the battery, the loads higher than that that are on the output of the inverter. So you battery needs to be capable.

Breakers derate with heat etc. so maybe set the limit to 20A. That is about 5kva per phase.

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Hello Alexandra,

Thanks for your answer. I do not use the AC-out (see below). With AC-out and all the loads behind the Multiplus it is not too difficult I suppose. Setting the input limit on 20A (which I did) will prevent getting more from the grid (or shore) than 20A. But in my situation there are AC loads before the Multiplus. Therefore I like to set the grid-in/out to 20A (the purple box) and not only the Multiplus in (green star).

The GX should throttle the loads from Victron eco-system to not exceed the 20A on grid-in/out.

If I want to be safe now (=not exceed 20A) I need to set current limit to 2A... When the kitchen hob, the vacuumcleaner and the dishwasher are running at the same time, I use already 18A from the grid on L1.

Reading all the documentation and the forum it looks like impossible to configure this.
Where to post feature requests :)
It must be possible to add this to the Venus GX system because it gets all the data to decide. I think it is not available yet because it was designed as an off-grid system with shore/generator connection and all the loads on AC-out. But with ESS it is lacking this setting.

Or am I completely wrong?


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