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Multi as PV inverter

Is it possible to utilize phase shifting to control a second victron system as additional storage?

First off this is a temporary setup until I can get my new batteries in place come summer.

I have an old setup with a Quattro 5000 48v setup with Lead Acid batteries

I also just got a Multi II 5000 48v which I am going to be hooking up to a 304Ah LiFePO4 battery I have yet to build.

During the winter I want to store this in a temperature controlled room(where I have an output from the Quattro going) and utilize it as additional storage for my main setup which will be replaced by this in the summer(with an additional Multi II 5000 for split phase)

Currently all power goes to the lead acid system with DC MPPT's from victron, it is controlled by a Cerbo GX S, the lead acid system is aboveground in a shed protected from rain/snow/wind but not temperature controlled. The new system will be underground in a root cellar for temperature control and all the PV wiring will be re-routed to this location.

The temperature controlled room has one of my main power draws, a server I use 24/7 along with a network switch powering multiple PoE cameras. So I'm thinking if I cannot directly control via phase shifting I could probably use NodeRed with some logic to have the Multi charge when there is a surplus of solar power and then disconnect from the Quattro when there is not enough power.

The system is grid backed with no feed in allowed.

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No. You cannot phase shift it to control charging.

It is better to use Node Red.

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