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MPPT 100l50 + Portable 400W Panel + 350W (2x175W) Series Panels

I think this will work but I wanted to check in with people on this forum to get any thoughts or other options. I've read through a few posts here and got some good info. Wanting to make sure I synthesized those other posts correctly...

The goal is to keep the system small in size and simple in operation, not add another MPPT for the portable array, and to get a system that will work well (albeit maybe not completely optimized) for all 3 of the following charging scenarios (1) When the van is in the sun and only the roof mounted 2x175W panels in series are used (this will be the case while driving as well)(2) when the van is in the shade (so roof mounted panels are either shaded or not used) and the portable system is deployed in the sun and active (3) when both roof and portable are in the sun and both are active.

MPPT is the Victron 100l50.


Rooftop panels wired in series are 2x 175W Renogy ( (21.5V VOC each x 2 = 43V in series) and 10.31A Short Circuit Current.

The Portable Solar will be a 400W Eenour Portable ( (48.5V VOC and 11.17A Short Circuit Current)

Scenario 1 - when the rooftop solar is active and the portable panel is not active, the MPPT will see 43V @ 10.31A

Scenario 2 - when the rooftop solar is shaded and the portable panel active and in the sun, the MPPT will see 48.5V @ 11.17A from the portable array only.

Scenario 3 - Max power with both in the sun and active, the MPPT will see 43V (Lower of the two arrays) @ 21.48A (Added Amperage of both arrays in parallel).

Wiring is +/- 10AWG from series array on the roof to a MC4 y-connector that combines roof series array with portable array (also with 10AWG from panels to y connector) in parallel. Then into a 50A breaker then into the MPPT. Out of MPPT using 4AWG positive side output to a 2 way disconnect switch and the negative side straight from MPPT to Lynx w/ a 100A fuse.

Will this work? Should I install an additional disconnect for each array before the y connector so when one array is not in use, I can remove it from the equation? Or will the array having more power just override the one in the shade because they are wired in parallel?

Wiring Diagram attached

Thanks for your help!

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